Content strategy to support
and promote your business


Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and that it generates three times as many leads?

Content marketing is about discovering your ideal customer’s personal and purchasing journey. What makes them head to their browser’s search field and what exactly are they researching? What pain points does your product or service address? I don’t know about you, but Google is my best friend. Whenever I want to learn something, buy something, do something, compare something, determine the worth of something or find a better way of doing something, I Google it.

Once we understand your ideal customer’s micro-moments, we are in the best position to generate relevant content or repurpose existing content to gain new attention. This starts with developing an editorial calendar. Of course when creating the editorial calendar, I take into consideration any promotions, events or sales you have on the calendar and ensure appropriate content is scheduled around them.

Content marketing is about helping you get your expertise out of your head, sharing the ingenuity of your product, or the benefits of your service and there are many advantages to doing so.


– Is the best way to broadcast your message to the world.

– Increases your credibility, authority and your reputation as a thought leader.

– Ignites targeted traffic to your website.

– Increases search engine presence.

– Helps you build a targeted email list.

– Increases sales and conversions.

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Providing your audience with clear and comprehensive information about your product or service is your best marketing tool.

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.