Where Content Meets Compassion

Does your content inform and educate your site visitors? Do you create content that answers their questions and speaks to their pain points? Do you need help developing, refining and sharing valuable content?

As your digital content manager, I can address your content needs in the following ways:

Content Development

There are many areas within your business where you need the help of a writer, such as interviewing your happy customers and writing success stories.

Content Marketing

Sharing valuable content is the best way to build a relationship with the audience you wish to reach.

Email Marketing

Email is still king! Communicate with your audience on your schedule, establish credibility and convert subscribers into committed customers or clients.

About me...

Hi, I’m Carole. I’ve been living a vegan lifestyle for the animals and the planet since 2014. I partner with changemakers, healers, visionaries, entrepreneurs and compassionate go-getters who work tirelessly to make the world a better place.

Vegan business?

I’ll partner with you on your journey of making the world a kinder place for all sentient beings.

Consider me your vegan business champion.

Latest Posts

13 Canadian Vegan Businesses that Should Be on Your Radar

I started writing this post several days ago, but each day a new company would pop onto my radar that needed to be added to the list, sometimes because I had just realized it was indeed a Canadian company. I’m certain there are others creating unique vegan products,...

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Depleting Our Oceans

Overfishing is not something I know a great deal about. However, when an image shared on Facebook by Jimmy Howard showed on my feed, as well this video, I felt compelled to do some digging into this topic. On July 2, 1992, a northern cod moratorium came into effect in...

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Torture and Tragedy on Canadian Roads

As you sit down to eat your pork chop or your BLT, have you ever considered the journey forced upon the pig that has landed on your plate? It’s tragic. Animals for food have the most miserable lives on earth; they are forcefully bred for a life of unspeakable abuse....

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Are You Standing with the Youth?

Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, and Canada’s Autumn Peltier are just two of the many teen girls who are leading the fight against climate change. In an online Washington Post article published September 24, reporter Sarah Kaplan states that teen girls are “helping to change...

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5 Reasons Content Marketing Matters

Online research is the first step in our decision-making process. When a visitor lands on your website, they expect to be informed. If the answers to their questions are not found on your site, they will quickly move on. From YouTube videos, podcast series, and case...

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Carole returns my work to me before I expect it, she hits the message every time, and she offers feedback that has been invaluable to me. She keeps me accountable and on track with timing and launching of my outreach. If you want a partner in your success, Carole will be there for you as she is for me.

Cynthia Owen

Carole was a pleasure to work with as an editor. I appreciated her attention to detail, whether it was grammatical or in the nuance of a phrase.

She suggested effective ways of rewriting certain sentences and sections that I had wrestled with.

Kristin Collier

She’s eagle-eyed, persistent and mindful of the curve in the road. Add supportive, fun and truly determined to steer you to your best efforts.

Now you’ve got Carole, Editor. You’ve got someone special, someone indispensable.

David Berner