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Blog posts, newsletters, ebooks, lead magnets, course content, white papers, articles, case studies, webinar scripts, worksheets, promotional emails, social media content, and the list goes on. The need for content can feel overwhelming. 

As your digital content manager, I can address your content needs in the following ways:

Content Development

There are many areas within your business where you may need the help of a writer, such as interviewing your happy customers and writing success stories, writing your weekly newsletter, and crafting informational content about your product or service.

Content & Email Marketing

Sharing valuable content is the best way to build a relationship with the audience you wish to reach. Communicate with your audience on your schedule via your email list, and share articles on Medium and LinkedIn to grow your reach.


Put your best professional foot forward by ensuring the content you share is polished.
“You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.” ~ Arthur Plotnik

About me...

Hi, I’m Carole. I’ve been living a vegan lifestyle for the animals and the planet since 2014. I partner with changemakers, healers, visionaries, entrepreneurs and compassionate go-getters who work tirelessly to make the world a better place.

Vegan business?

I’ll partner with you on your journey of making the world a kinder place for all sentient beings.

Consider me your vegan business champion.

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Regan Russell: The Tragic Loss of a Brave Animal Activist

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Depleting Our Oceans

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After much frustration (and bad reviews from friends and family) from my self-built website, a colleague suggested that I try her ‘go to’ person—Carole. I have, and I have not looked back.

Carole was able to take my vision, bring it to life, and then direct me as to what the standard for my industry calls for in terms of content. She continues to assist me in the area of building web traffic—invaluable technical stuff—and if you are not technically inclined, I suggest you do yourself a favour and hire someone to do it for you.

Carole is a pleasure to work with. She is kind and helpful, and if she sees that you remain technically in the dark about how good websites need to function, she will guide you through the process; I am very grateful to her for this. I have her on speed dial, and I now consider her to be my ‘go-to’ person too.

Maren Ronne

Registered Clinical Counsellor

I’ve worked with Carole since 2010, and she has helped me in so many ways! She has come up with many creative ways for me to keep in touch with my community, including writing blog posts from my books, crafting social media posts on beautiful images, and coming up with a weekly visual newsletter created by using relevant quotes from my books. She even suggested the name for this weekly broadcast—and it has become a favourite with my subscribers.

I recently haven’t had time to write new articles myself, but the outreach Carole does for me has maintained the vital connection I like to have with my community.

Candace Plattor, M.A.

Carole has been part of our volunteer team since 2019, editing articles and writing press releases for the Vegan Society of Canada and the Vegan World Alliance. She has proven to be reliable and we have come to depend on her.

We are more than happy with all the work she has contributed, and we look forward to future collaborations.

Sebastien Martel

Executive Director, Vegan Society of Canada