I started writing this post several days ago, but each day a new company would pop onto my radar that needed to be added to the list, sometimes because I had just realized it was indeed a Canadian company. I’m certain there are others creating unique vegan products, but not to delay publishing this post any longer, I’m starting with these 13 amazing Canadian companies, some of which you may not know about at all and some of which you may not have realized are Canadian.

The Frauxmagerie

If you’re vegan, there may be some foods you miss because a vegan option has yet to be created. That’s why I’m excited to put poutine back on the menu with the creation of Frauxmagerie’s Vegan Cheese Curds! Learn about this Ontario-based vegan cheese producer’s fresh and aged lines of cheeses by visiting their website.

NONA Vegan Foods

Vegan nachos or fettuccine Alfredo? Or how about making an elegant dinner of spaghetti carbonara and pairing it with a lovely bottle of vegan wine? NONA Vegan Foods makes three kinds of delicious sauces to feature in a wide variety of vegan dishes. Nona means grandmother in Italian, and that’s where the founder of NONA Vegan Foods got her inspiration.

Karlo Estates

Speaking of vegan wines. As stated on their website, “Karlo Estates is the world’s first vegan certified winery.” Many vegans don’t realize that animal products are typically used in the clarification process of wine making. But Karlo Estates uses potato or pumpkin protein, if needed.


Personally, I love the Yoso Unsweetened Plain Coconut Yogurt. I typically add fruit and ground flax seed for a healthy and filling snack. And their Yoso Soy Sour Dip will make that baked potato with crumbled vegan bacon taste delicious. Yoso is a great Canadian success story.


How about a one-stop shop for all things vegan? Place your order and have it delivered right to your door. Their products—all made in Canada—range from beauty and wellness, to food and drinks, to clothing and jewellery, and more. Check out this dynamic wife- and husband-operated business:

PlantBase Food and Natural Products

I’ve never been a fan of sausages, however, I admire what this company is doing. Unfortunately, they don’t yet have a website so the best I can do is send you to their Facebook page, and to recommend visiting Vegan Supply if you want to place an order.


Wallets, pouches, shoulder bags and fanny packs made from leaves? Teak leaves. Sustainably sourced teak leaves to be exact. And unlike some vegan leathers made from mushrooms or pressed apples (Von D Shoes are made from pressed apples) where it’s not readily apparent what exactly the products are made from, Leafii leather retains the look of the leaves themselves. Ingenious. Visit their Find Us page for where to buy these amazing vegan leather goods.

Humble Seedz

If you’re allergic to nuts and therefore can’t enjoy nut-based vegan cheeses, Humble Seedz cheese is for you. Made from sunflower seeds grown right here in Canada, they have three varieties to choose from: Original, Garlic and Fine Herbs and Sriracha. Humble Seedz came onto my radar at the Muskoka VegFest in 2018. I purchased the Sriracha flavour and enjoyed every bite. One of the good things about this creamy spreadable cheese is the many uses for it. You’ll find soup, pasta, and dip recipes on their website.

Three Farmers

If you’ve been vegan for any length of time, you have likely tried the Three Farmers crunchy roasted chickpea snack. They also have come up with crunchy roasted lentils in four flavours (I’ve tried the BBQ flavour and they are yummy), and crunchy roasted pea pods in three flavours. In addition to these snacks, they also make camelina oil, which they say is the perfect cooking oil due to its high smoke point. Check out their website for recipe ideas and you can find the snacks in a grocery store near you, including Metro, Save on Foods, Thrifty Foods, Sobey’s and Whole Foods.

Noble Jerky 

When I first started seeing this product on store shelves, I didn’t pay much attention since I was never a jerky fan before going vegan. But, friends and acquaintances have raved about this product, which may entice me to try it at some point. (After I find and try those Frauxmagerie Vegan Curds on poutine, of course!) The jerky comes in four flavours and is now available across Canada, in the U.S., Australia, and The Vegan Kind Supermarket, which appears to be an online supermarket in the U.K.

PRANA Snacks 

This growing company was co-founded in 2005 by Marie-Josee Richer and Alon Farber when they returned to Montreal after having met while travelling in India. I’ve been enjoying their snacks for a while without realizing they are Canadian. All their snacks are organic, non-GMO verified, and fair trade. I love their chocolate bark, which comes in several flavours, and I’ve yet to try one that I don’t like. This Canadian success story now employs more than 60 people.


Yes, another Canadian vegan cheese maker! Culcherd also makes vegan butter—and it’s palm oil free! Unfortunately, their website isn’t overly informative. I found more details from this news release.  Culcherd is certified vegan and organic, and their packaging is plastic free! So many positives about this company, it’s too bad their products are not more widely available.


I’ve been enjoying these for months and just recently learned they are made right here in Canada—Coquitlam, B.C. to be exact. Coconut clusters with dark chocolate. Need I say more? Innofoods sources certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, and although the products aren’t certified vegan, they are vegan friendly—please check list of ingredients. Their website shows 5 product lines: Coconut Clusters, Dark Chocolate Nuggets, Coconut Love (which is the line mentioned at the start with the dark chocolate flavour), TrailBite Snackers, and Grain Free Gluten Free Granola.