Animal activist

Street-level activism.

Vegan meals

Aprajita handing out vegan meals.

“We do vigils here, but in a very different way. Whenever we do a vigil, we go scouting for which area it’s in and whether it’s legal or not. Then we also do briefings before; everyone has to come at a given time and everybody will be instructed that they don’t have to talk to anyone — one person only will talk to the slaughterhouse worker or whoever is there. If somebody becomes emotional, because we tend to see people crying when they see such things, there will be a designated person who will console them or take them aside.

“In the briefing, we let people know that we are going there for the animals. We let people know that we are there to bear witness to these animals and we are going to give them love and affection, which they have never experienced in their lives. If the marshal says that we have to leave, we will not question anything. We have to leave then and there. After the vigil, we have a debriefing because what we see is very traumatizing. We also hold vigils at dairy farms.”

Aprajita also makes certain to mention during the briefing that the people who work in these open markets slaughtering animals for a living are victims of the same system. She stresses that there’s no need for negative feelings or emotions toward these people. “We have love and compassion, which is for everyone. But we have to help these animals.”

Save Movement

Climate Save is another branch of the Save Movement.