Copy Editing

Need someone to review your content before you publish?

Copy editing is correcting mechanics and logistics—grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, formatting and consistency.

If the content you write is meant to support you in your work—articles, blog posts, sales pages, ebooks or course and workshop materials that contain spelling, grammar and punctuation errors may not garner the attention you’re after. The same applies to email marketing content and newsletters.

To put your best professional foot forward, having your content edited will ensure that the message you wish to convey will be clearly understood by your community.

For my non-fiction manuscript editing services, please visit The Vegan Editor.

Do you write a subscription-based, regularly scheduled newsletter?

Newsletters are making a comeback. Why? Maybe because they are an easy entry point for those who want to get their thoughts and ideas out into the world, unlike podcasting where a lot of special equipment and knowledge is required.

Platforms that make it quick and simple to launch a newsletter and get subscribers, including platforms where writers can get paid for their work directly from readers, are also gaining in popularity. Take a look at Substack and Curated and you’ll find newsletters about almost every topic under the sun, and many are from seasoned writers.

If the written word is your preferred method of conveying your thoughts, ideas and expertise, I can ensure your prose is polished prior to publishing.

Do you produce a digital or print magazine?

I love the world of publishing, the rush of meeting deadlines and making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before going to press or clicking that publish button.

In the past, I worked as the in-house editor for two special-interest magazines, and more recently I was the freelance editor for Global Vegan Magazine, formerly Canadian Vegan Magazine. 

I’m the Editor-in-Chief at Vegan Society of Canada.

Loving your edit. If anything, you have made me sound more like me. Or at least how I’d like to sound. What I really love is how you have identified and refined the areas where I really had trouble articulating my point. Great stuff.

Rob Schlyecher

Creative Director & Partner, Spring Advertising

She’s eagle-eyed, persistent and mindful of the curve in the road. Add supportive, fun and truly determined to steer you to your best effort. Now you’ve got Carole Audet, Editor. You’ve got someone special, someone indispensable.

David Berner

Author of "All the Way Home"

Not only was I overwhelmingly pleased with Carole’s work, I also feel she genuinely cared about the success of my project, which is so important in an editor because you need to trust in their abilities, expertise, and thoroughness.

Leanna Haakons

President, Black Hawk Financial, Author of Young, Fun & Financially Free

Global Vegan Magazine
Global Vegan Magazine
Global Vegan Magazine
Global Vegan Magazine
Global Vegan Magazine
Global Vegan Magazine
Global Vegan Magazine
Canadian Vegan Magazine Issue 3
Canadian Vegan Magazine Winter 2021
Canadian Vegan Magazine Issue 3
Canadian Vegan Magazine
Canadian Vegan Magazine Issue 3

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