Need someone to give your content the once-over before you click publish?

Unfortunately, much of the content I see published online today needed the trained eye of an editor before it ever saw the light of day.

I get that not everything needs to be edited. A wedding or travel blog? Go ahead and publish as is. However, if the content you publish is meant to support you in your work, articles, blog posts, sales pages, ebooks or course and workshop materials that contain spelling, grammar and punctuation errors may not garner the attention you’re after. The same applies to email marketing content and newsletters.

To put your best professional foot forward, having your content edited will ensure that the message you wish to convey will be clearly understood by your community.

Starting at $60 per article. Includes:

  • Editing for SEO
  • Title suggestions
  • Sourcing image(s)
  • Adding links when necessary
  • Tagging
  • Categorizing
  • Publishing or launching campaign to your email list

Starting at $80 per web page. Includes:

  •  Editing for SEO
  • Testing or adding links
  • Sourcing image(s) if needed
  • Adding focus keywords, meta description and SEO title

Prices are in Canadian dollars. 

Do you produce a digital or print magazine with contributed content? 

I love the world of publishing, the rush of meeting deadlines and making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before going to press or clicking that publish button.

I’ve worked as an in-house editor for two special-interest magazines, and I’m currently the freelance editor for Canadian Vegan Magazine.

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