email Marketing

Email is still king!

In fact, email marketing is the key to building relationships, positioning yourself as an expert in your field, and converting followers and subscribers into clients or customers.

Here are four reasons why email is and will continue to be very much alive and a key component to your marketing efforts:

  • Email is a part of our daily lives, and 99% of people check their inbox every day.
  • Email is private and secure. Simply choose the email marketing platform of your choice, and all the data you collect within your account is essentially yours.
  • Do you have your email synced on your phone? Most people do which makes email as mobile as the phone itself.
  • According to a study done by OptinMonster, 60% of respondents said they prefer to receive promotions via email.

Essentially, there is no other platform that allows you get right into people’s inboxes, and that gives you the control both in terms of how and when you communicate with them.

Sharing your content via email is a must.