And it can’t be articulated in writing by someone who hasn’t had a conversation with you.

My content creation service is all about you, your expertise, and your point of view.

It’s your voice. I’m simply the person putting it in writing.

I understand the challenges of writing content to share with your community on a regular basis. You’re busy serving your clients and your content marketing may end up taking a back seat.

That’s why I developed my content creation service.

Here’s how it works:

You let me know the topic you wish to cover and what you want readers to gain from the article. From this information, I do a bit of research to come up with valid questions. We meet over Zoom when I will ask you pertinent questions that are designed to elicit the information you want to share with your audience.

Our conversation is recorded, and the recording is transcribed.

From that transcript, I write your articles.

Your expertise.

Your point of view.

Your voice.

As a certified ghostwriter, I understand how to write in your voice.

As a non-native English speaker, writing blog posts was quite an obstacle for me. But with the help of Carole’s service, it is no longer one.

The first step was an interview where Carole asked me questions that helped to clarify a topic and the information I wanted to share with my audience. I loved this part because it help me to understand how good blog articles are written and the questions help me to structure the material.

Based on her questions, it was easy for me to provide Carole with all the necessary raw material for the blog post.

I received the final blog post shortly after, and I love it! Carole made it sound like me—like my voice.

I deeply enjoyed the whole process. Not only because I got a blog article that I’m excited about, but because I learned so much about writing and content creation.

Mia Gödecke

You’ve nailed many things, which is impressive since you barely know me and my work, and we just had one conversation.

I LOVED your questions. I’m going to take note of those because they were fantastic jumping off points. As an auditory processor, this was the most valuable part of the process for me. Having you ask the questions meant I could be free to answer without trying to write it all down and interrupt my flow.

Thanks you again, Carole.

Wil Carlos

What a thought-provoking process to go through! As someone who writes, I was fascinated to see how Carole had woven our conversation into an article that is well written, comprehensive and informative while echoing my voice.

If you’re wondering how to keep up with all the demands of your business and you don’t have time to write an article, blog post or email, then I highly recommend Carole’s content creation service.

Ingrid Koivukangas


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After becoming a member of Magazines Canada in late 2019, I was fortunate to find Carole’s website in my search for an editor for Canadian Vegan Magazine, now known as Global Vegan Magazine. As someone who does business as The Vegan Writer, she was the perfect fit.

I’m thrilled with the work she’s doing—improving submitted articles in the editing process and writing feature stories. I’ve teared up reading her stories in the past, and I notice how close she is to her work. Her articles are beautiful storytelling, and we’re incredibly fortunate to have her writing for us.

Nia Seney

Publisher, Global Vegan Magazine

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